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Oxford English for Negotiating
английский язык для деловых переговоров

категория: бизнес-английский Oxford English for Negotiating
автор (author): Birgit Welch, Charles Lafond and Sheila Vine
издательство (publisher): Oxford University Press
год (year): 2007
язык (language): английский (english)
формат (format): PDF, Mp3, CD-exe
Оксфордский курс "Английский для Переговоров" предназначен для всех тех, кто планирует регулярно вести деловые переговоры.

В архиве сам учебник, аудиоматериалы к нему и CD-Rom.

Серия "Экспресс английский от Оксфорд" - Oxford Express Series - это серия коротких учебных курсов делового английского языка для специалистов определенных областей.

The Express Series is ideal for students in employment, who want to communicate better in English. These short, intensive courses can be completed in 25-30 hours, so students make progress quickly. Titles in the Express Series can be used in a variety of ways: as stand-alone courses, for self-study using the interactive MultiROM, or alongside a coursebook such as International Express.

English for Negotiating is an ideal short course for professionals who regularly need to negotiate in English at work.
English for Negotiating provides learners with the appropriate language, specific intercultural skills, and effective techniques necessary to be a successful negotiator.
English for Negotiating has seven units which progress logically through the typical stages of a negotiation process. Every unit concentrates on one fundamental aspect, from the initial preparation to offers, counter-offers, and difference resolution.
The 'Negotiating Skills' boxes teach students effective strategies and techniques for negotiating, and the 'Intercultural Skills' boxes give advice on creating a good impression and avoiding problems when working with foreign partners.

Key Features:
- Engaging topics, motivating role-plays, and a variety of exercises provide a framework for each specialist subject
- Tip boxes in each unit include key language points, useful phrases, and strategies
- STARTER section at the beginning of each unit has warm-up and awareness-raising activities
- OUTPUT sections at the end of each unit encourage discussion and reflection
- Answers, transcripts, tests, and a glossary of footballing terms at the back of the book
- Self-study material on the interactive MultiROM includes realistic listening extracts and interactive exercises for extra practice.

All of Oxford Express Series:

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