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The Science of Mindfulness: A Research-Based Path to Well-Being by Ronald D. Siegel




категория: психология, нейробиология Science of Mindfulness
автор (author): Psy.D. Ronald D. Siegel
издательство (publisher): The Great Courses
год (year): 2014
язык (language): английский (english)
формат (format): PDF, MP3, MP4
Описание: В 24 увлекательных лекциях «Наука осознанности», профессор Рональд Д. Сигел, клинический психолог факультета Гарвардской медицинской школы, раскрывает науку, стоящую за внимательностью, в убедительных деталях и демонстрирует ее применение в необычайном круге человеческих проблем - психологические, социальные и медицинские. Вы внимательно изучите нейробиологию, и вы получите четкое представление о науке, лежащей в основе древних практик, которые в настоящее время оказывают глубокое влияние на современный мир. И вы узнаете много практических способов использования техник осознанности в своей жизни.

The Science of Mindfulness: A Research-Based Path to Well-Being Have you ever noticed that trying to calm down before a high-stakes event often just produces more agitation? That trying to change troublesome habits can seem difficult or impossible? Or that real fulfillment and well-being can be elusive, despite living a successful life? A surprising number of such difficulties stem from an inherited propensity of the human brain—our automatic, hardwired tendency to seek pleasure and to anticipate and avoid pain. Modern science demonstrates that this mental hardwiring, traceable to the survival needs of our earliest ancestors, is at the root of many of the psychological and behavioral problems that we face today. For thousands of years, people have used mindfulness practices—techniques to develop awareness of present experience with acceptance—to deal effectively with a wide range of life challenges. And, a large and fascinating body of scientific research now validates the remarkable benefits of mindfulness practice for psychological as well as physical health. But how exactly does mindfulness work, in scientific terms? How can understanding the science and practice of mindfulness improve everyday life? And how can the human brain, whose very functioning gives rise to so many of the problems we struggle with, actually provide a solution? Now, in the 24 fascinating lectures of The Science of Mindfulness, Professor Ronald D. Siegel, a clinical psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, reveals the science behind mindfulness in compelling detail and demonstrates its application to an extraordinary range of human problems—psychological, social, and medical. You’ll closely examine the neurobiology involved, leaving you with a clear knowledge of the science underlying ancient practices that are now profoundly influencing the contemporary world. And you’ll learn many practical ways you can use mindfulness techniques in your own life.

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