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Young Learners Go! - English series for Starter Movers Flyers




категория: учебники английского языка Young Learners Go
автор (author): Steve Thompson, Frances Bates-Treloar
издательство (publisher): Marshall Cavendish
год (year): 2006
язык (language): английский (english)
формат (format): PDF, MP3
Young Learners Go! — представляет собой шестиуровневый курс для юных учащихся. Он представлен в виде трех этапов, соответствующих уровням Starters, Movers и Flyers в Кембриджских тестах английского языка для молодых учащихся. Он побуждает учащихся развивать владение английским языком, обеспечивая прочную основу и положительный опыт в изучении английского языка. Устные и письменные задания задаются в реальных жизненных ситуациях. Письменные задания построены по образцу текстов для чтения. Учащиеся должны создавать те же типы текстов, которые они изучили при чтении и прослушивании в модуле. Занятия в тестовых форматах развивают у учащихся уверенность и навыки сдачи тестов.

Young Learners Go! is a six-level course for young learners. It is presented in three stages that correlate with the Starters, Movers and Flyers levels in the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests. It encourages learners to develop ownership of English by providing a solid foundation and positive experiences in learning English:

- Multiple intelligences are activated through specially crafted activities.
- Spiral progression systematically builds language proficiency.
- Immediate and focused practice through direct correlation of the Workbook to the Pupil's Book.
- New language items are highlighted.
- Revision units consolidate learning and help prepare for assessments.
- Lesson plans in the Teacher's Guide integrate the Pupil's Book and Workbook and offer lead-in, follow-up and closing activities.

Start with English helps young learners use English fluently and confidently. It provides a lively and thorough foundation in English and makes learning English meaningful to young learners.
The Pupil's Book teaches reading, listening and speaking skills in the context of interesting and meaningful themes. Vocabulary and structure boxes allow easy access to main learning points. Every task has a clear skills focus and learning outcome. Guide notes at the bottom of each page indicate the objective of each activity. Signposts guide teachers and learners to correlated activities in the Workbook. Items introduced earlier are reinforced and new items practiced through a different skill, activating a different intelligence. Revision units consolidate learning and provide summative assessments to prepare learners for tests.
The Workbook activities are focused on learning outcomes to provide immediate practice. Teachers can monitor learning and identify areas for remediation.

Move with English develops English language and comprehension skills in young learners. It carries a continuing emphasis on attaining fluency and confidence in English.
The Pupil's Book teaches reading, listening and speaking skills in the context of interesting and meaningful themes. Learners develop ownership of the language by expressing their world and experiences in English. Each unit functions as a scaffold for the learner to achieve the outcomes confidently. Activities develop text-level comprehension for reading and writing. It promotes the development of language skills for a wider range of contexts. Memorable songs, rhymes and games make learning enjoyable. Revision units consolidate learning and provide summative assessments to prepare learners for tests.
Workbook activities systematically develop writing skills from word to sentence level using languages processed in the unit. Items introduced earlier are reinforced and new items practised through a different skill, activating a different intelligence in the learner.

Fly with English develops higher-level comprehension and critical thinking skills. It builds up a more advanced and complete understanding of English and continues to integrate new language items with existing knowledge. Outcomes-based activities in the Workbook allow teachers to monitor acquisition, retention and consolidation of language items. Speaking and writing tasks are set in real-life situations. The writing tasks are modeled on the reading texts. Learners are required to produce the same text types that they have explored through reading and listening in the unit. Activities in test formats develop learners' confidence and test-taking skills.

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