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Oxford Streamline English
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категория: УМК Streamline English Departures
автор (author): Bernard Hartley & Peter Viney
издательство (publisher): Oxford University Press
год (year): 1999
язык (language): английский (english)
формат (format): PDF, Mp3
Описание: Oxford Streamline English - классический четырех уровневый курс для интенсивного изучения британского английского языка от издательства Оксфордского университета. Как и многие современные учебники от издательства Оксфорд, этот учебно-методический комплекс имеет богатую комплектацию и отличную мультимедийную составляющую.
Дополнительные тесты и материалы для преподавателя позволят закреплять и проверять полученные знания после каждого занятия. Рабочие тетради а аудио диски мотивируют студентов к более интенсивному и успешному изучению английского языка.

Популярный курс Oxford Streamline English с молодежным уклоном станет замечательным помощником в изучении английского языка. Хорошо проиллюстрированные учебники и увлекательные истории, диалоги, тексты и многое много другое. Теперь процесс обучения можно проходить не только с легкостью, но и с удовольствием! В комплекте вы найдете аудиодиски с озвученными уроками, рабочие тетради с упражнениями и тестами. Вы сможете с легкостью организовать процесс обучения и постоянно контролировать свои результаты.

Streamline English - the classic four-level intensive course. Streamline is a comprehensive series, including Student's Books, Workbooks, Tests, Teacher's Books, Teacher's Extra, integrated Lab material in Speechwork, integrated video, as well as the reading material in the Departures in Reading series and in Storylines graded reading scheme. Streamline has become a huge bank of material over the years. Level one, Streamline Departures, was a ground-breaking course that we remain committed to and proud of.

This excellent Streamline series gives Adult beginners and false the motivation to keep studying. Most of the 40 units are in full colour supporting an interesting text and, frequently, practice on the part of grammar being introduced. As the book progresses, an element of humour is introduced, which students appreciate. Although the book has been republished on several occasions, one or two of the texts and pictures reflect the original 1978 edition. In one text for example, the landlord in the pub in response to the customer's request for "a pint of bitter, please", answers' "That's 30P, please.' This always gives rise to much discussion to the increase in prices since 1978 in the UK and the student's home country. From this the conversation will often turn towards the pub in the UK compared to bars abroad, or whether a student has tasted beer and likes it or not. As far as the pictures, there is, in my opinion, a delightful Unit on describing people and clothes. The full colour picture shows a male model in a fashion show wearing flared trousers, while at the bottom of the page is a young woman wearing a bright pink trouser suit and huge ear-rings! The discussion arising from these two images is far ranging, and it's one of the Units students never forget and still talk about years later! There are two things which I particularly like: 1. The structure is practical, particularly for foreign students learning English in England. Every 5 Units, there is a Unit devoted to using the vocabulary and grammar learnt in an everyday situation. 2. The grammar structures are exceptionally cleverly done. The students are not fully aware of how much essential grammar they are learning.

Все уровни УМК Streamline English:

  • Streamline English Departures - уровень Beginner
  • Streamline English Connections - уровень Pre-Intermediate
  • Streamline English Destinations - уровень Intermediate
  • Streamline English Directions - уровень Upper-Intermediate
  • New American Streamline English - курс американского янглийского
  • Streamline and Storyline Graded Reades - уровневые книги для чтения

В каждом архиве Вы найдете полный комплект составляющих соответствующего уровня:

- Streamline English Student's Book - учебник
- Streamline English Class Audio CD - аудио диски для работы в классе
- Streamline English Departures Workbook - рабочая тетрадь студента
- Streamline English Tests - тесты
- Streamline English Teacher's book - книга для учителя
- Streamline English Teacher's Extra - материалы для учителя

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Streamline English Departures full set

Streamline English Connections full set

Streamline English Destinations full set

Streamline English Directions full set


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