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Little Bugs by Macmillan
course for young learners of English




категория: УМК английский язык Little Bugs Macmillan
автор (author): Carol Read, Ana Soberon
издательство (publisher): Macmillan
год (year): 2004
язык (language): английский (British english)
формат (format): PDF, Mp3, JPG
Описание: Little Bugs – это мотивирующая отправная точка для детей, которые изучают английский язык впервые, либо уже прошли начальный курс. Методика развивает интерес и удовольствие от изучения английского языка и способствует активному желанию детей общаться на английском языке. Новый язык контекстуализирован в рассказах, чтобы доставлять удовольствие и уверенность в изучении английского языка, а веселые и простые в использовании поделки помогают детям учиться на практике. Учебник можно использовать совместно с серией Big Bugs как часть шестиуровневого курса.

Little Bugs provides a motivating starting point for children who are either learning English for the first time or who have done an initial course. It also develops interest and enjoyment in learning English and promotes an active desire in children to communicate in English. The new language is contextualised in stories to give pleasure and confidence in learning English, while the fun and easy-to-use craft activities help children to learn by doing. Little Bugs can be used with Big Bugs as part of a six-level course.

There are 80 full-colour pages containing six story-based units in each level of the Little Bugs Pupil's Book with extra material for festivals. Photocopiable cut-outs encourage participation in storytelling, a picture dictionary helps with spelling and learner autonomy and the book also contains a double page of stickers for engaging activities.

The Little Bugs Busy Book accompanies Little Bugs and provides a gradual introduction to reading and writing. The Busy Book has a 'Hidden' Bug for additional counting practice and contains a variety of exercises to keep the pupil’s involved and engaged throughout.

The Little Bugs Teacher's Book aims to provide comprehensive support for teachers using Little Bugs. The inclusion of facsimile pages of the Pupil’s Book makes it very convenient and easy to use in class. Also, included are Unit Tests and Answer Keys, along with photocopiable cut-outs to encourage participation during story-telling.

Key Features:

  • Little Bugs provide a motivating start for children who are learning English for the first time or who have done an initial course
  • There are six story-based units in each level with extra materials for festivals
  • Children learn through the stories and special ‘content-based’ lessons connect the language of the unit with the real world. Subjects include natural science, health and fitness, science and art
  • Stickers, songs, rhymes, dances and musical games make learning English fun
  • Flashcards present and review new vocabulary, and the Story Cards help pupils to revise the stories
  • A picture dictionary helps with spelling and learner autonomy
  • Children are gradually introduced to reading and writing in English. An optional Busy Book provides more activities to practise these skills

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