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Jolly Phonics - 7 level English Series for little children




категория: английский для детей Jolly Phonics
автор (author): Sue Lloyd, Sara Wernham
издательство (publisher): Jolly Learning
год (year): 1993-2010
язык (language): английский (english as a fist language)
формат (format): PDF, MP3, JPG
Jolly Phonics - один из самых популярных курсов английской фонетики для малышей, которые изучают английский языка как родной. Безупречная методическая составляющя, вкупе с огромным выбором дополнительных компонентов и раздаточного материала.

The Jolly Phonics Pupils Books 1-3 Set cover all the five skills for reading and writing. Children are able to work through each book and complete a wide variety of engaging activities, which develop key literacy skills. The teacher is able to support and guide the children through the books with the Jolly Phonics Teacher’s Book. Jolly Phonics Pupil Book covers all the 42 letter sounds, with the Jolly Phonics action, letter formation, listening for letter sounds in words, blending activities and the first set of tricky words.

Jolly Phonics 7 Activity Books Full Set- is a series of 7 fun-filled activity books for children, each covering one group of letter sounds. Jolly Phonics teaches children to read and write using synthetic phonics in a fun and engaging way. Each of these 36 page activity books for children aged 3+, including 2 pages of stickers provide a range of fun activities for children to complete, including colouring, handwriting practice, puzzles, mazes, games, craft activities, word & picture matching and flash cards. There is a story for each of the letter sounds as well as the letter sound action, introducing synthetic phonics in a fun and multi-sensory way, giving them solid support at home.

Jolly Phonics 7 Workbooks full Set - a series of 7 workbooks, each covering one group of letter sounds. These 24-page workbooks are a fun way for children to put their skills into practice. The first books have simple letter recognition, while later books introduce joined-up (cursive) writing and the alternative spellings of the vowels. Strategies for tricky spellings and challenging puzzles for developing phonic skills are also provided. Each book also contains a checklist which can be used to assess progress. Ages 4+

Finger Phonics 7 Book Full Set - Each of these 14-page board book deals with one group of letter sounds. A fun action is given for every letter sound. Cut-out letters on each page show children's fingers the correct formation for every letter. Also included at the end of each book are a number of activities that children can complete to reinforce their letter sound skills.

Jolly Songs - a collection of songs set to popular tunes for each of the 42 letter sounds. These songs are sung by children (in British English).

Jolly Phonics The Grammar Handbook - The Grammar Handbook 1 is for use the year after The Phonics Handbook. Practical advice and ideas for teaching grammar. Introduces rudiments of grammar. Structured grammar lessons. Spelling and punctuation lessons. Revision and extension of The Phonics Handbook. Photocopiable activities. Fun actions for the grammar points.

Jolly Phonics Read and See Pack - Perfect first reading books for children learning with synthetic phonics, supporting their school work and getting them interested in reading. Each book has pages with a single word and a picture of the word next to it, under a flap. The children read the word and then lift the flap to see if they are correct!

Jolly Phonics Word book - A handy reference book for teachers that provides words for use in class. Under a range of different headings, words are provided to suit the teaching of the day. For instance there are words using the letters of just the first group of six letters (s, a, t, i, p, n). Other headings have words with consonant blends, specific digraphs, tricky words, etc.

Jolly Phonics Whiteboard DVD - The software is split into 3 main Steps, covering all the 42 letter sounds, alternative spellings, tricky words as well as activities for reading and handwriting practice. Each Step provides progressive daily sessions, as well as practical advice and tips that the teachers can use in their class.

Jolly phonics Resource CD - Ten of the templates given are specifically designed for use by speech therapists who may be working on particular sounds or combinations of sounds. They tend to use the sound cards along with the letters rather than the letters which are used on the templates designed for whole class use.

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