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Oxford Jazz Chants - Old and New by Carolyn Graham аудиокурс английского - песни на английском языке для школьников




категория: английский детям - аудиокурсы Jazz Chants
автор (author): Carolyn Graham
издательство (publisher): Oxford University Press
год (year): 2006
язык (language): английский (American English)
формат (format): PDF, Mp3
Описание: Песенный аудиокурс английского языка для детей среднего школьного возраста от Оксфорд.
Веселые, запоминающиеся песенки и рифмовки.
К аудиокурсу прилагается учебник с текстами, упражнениями, заданиями и ответами.
Идеален для дополнения к любым занятиям английским языком с детьми.

This new edition of Jazz Chants combines the best of the original jazz chants with an equal number of newly written chants, songs and poems. All chants are performed on the accompanying cassette or CD, which can be bought separately, set against a background of classic jazz music.
Jazz Chants are Carolyn Grahams snappy, upbeat chants and poems that use jazz rhythms to illustrate the natural stress and intonation patterns of conversational American English. Her first book, Jazz Chants, was published in 1978, followed by Jazz Chants for Children one year later. For over 25 years, classes all over the world have enjoyed jazz chanting as a unique way for students to improve their speaking and listening comprehension skills while reinforcing the language structures of everyday situations. Set to the rhythms of jazz, each fairy tale is designed to present a number of basic language structures. Children and teachers will enjoy listening to the fairy tales on the accompanying Cassettes/CDs, reading them together, and ultimately performing them as plays. The Teachers Edition contains structure notes, pair-practice activities, and guidelines for presenting the fairy tales as plays.

Grammarchants: More Jazz Chants is a lively review of basic American-English grammatical structures. Each unit opens with a formal "grammarchant," which presents a basic aspect of grammar. This is followed by a series of related chants and songs that practice and reinforce the grammatical structure presented in the grammarchant. Each unit also contains special listening and speaking exercises. An Answer Key is included. A Cassette/CD features all of the songs and chants from the book.

Jazz Chant Fairy Tales is a collection of enchanting fairy tales, including such favorites as Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Rumpelstiltskin, Chicken Little, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Three Little Pigs, The Little Red Hen, and The Fisherman and His Wife.

Small Talk: More Jazz Chants - a collection of jazz chants, recorded with live music by world-famous jazz musicians, designed to practice useful language functions.

Mother Goose Jazz Chants is a collection of 28 well-known and loved nursery rhymes and childhood songs with over 50 lively variations by Carolyn Graham. Students new to English are charmed by traditional rhymes like "Mary Had A Little Lamb", and go on to exploit them and have fun with language in variations such as "Freddy Had a Little Frog" and "Harry Had a Little Horse". The beautifully illustrated book is full colour throughout, making it a favourite with children and adults alike. Teacher's notes appear at the front of the book, and a structure key is included at the back.

Holiday Jazz Chants - A collection of 50 songs and chants about the major holidays celebrated in the United States. The holidays are grouped according to calendar months. In August and September, seasonal themes are featured instead of specific holidays. The songs and chants focus on the vocabulary, expressions and language functions used in connection with each holiday. They also act as a springboard for teaching each holiday's meaning and cultural associations. The Student Book contains the words for each chant and the musical notation, together with instructions for presenting the songs, ideas for extension activities and a structure key. All of the songs and chants are recorded and are available on cassette or CD.

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