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GO! by Richmond
six-level American English series for primary schools kids




категория: английский язык для детей GO Richmond
автор (author): Brendan Dunne, Robin Newton
издательство (publisher): Richmond
год (year): 2018
язык (language): английский (english)
формат (format): PDF, Mp3, Mp4
Описание: Учебно методический комплекс Американского английского языка GO! от издательства Ричмонд – это динамичная 6-уровневая серия для детей младшего школьного возраста, которая ставит учащихся на первое место. Язык, темы и контексты полностью охватывают программы Кембриджских и других международных экзаменов по английскому языку, отражая при этом жизнь, интересы и стремления детей. Учебно-методический комплекс предлагает полный спектр цифрового контента для классного или удаленного обучения и дает подробные рекомендации по внедрению смешанных решений в ваших классах.

GO! by Richmond ПO! from Richmond Publishing is a dynamic 6-level American English series for elementary school children that puts students first. Language, topics and contexts fully cover the syllabi of Cambridge and other international English language examinations, while reflecting the lives, interests and aspirations of children. The Teaching Suite offers a full range of digital content for in-class or remote learning and provides detailed guidance on implementing blended solutions in your classrooms.

Student's Book: Ready, Set, Go!, the title of the welcome unit, sets the tone for this dynamic course book! Strong narratives, with a key value as their starting point, draw the children in and hold their attention through the following eight units, as they bring their own lives into the classroom with plenty of personalization activities. Each unit has eight lessons plus a final review lesson – complemented by the fun, double-page Techies stories, which review every two units. Children will love the games, Picture Dictionary, stickers and pop-outs at the end of the book!

Activity Book: Reflecting the Student’s Book’s structure, the additional full-color support is divided into a welcome unit, eight main units, and a My New Words section. The Activity Book audio, which students can download from the learning platform, includes all the listening activities and the My New Words lists.

Teacher’s Book: You’ll be ready to GO! with this full-color guide! It gives you step-by-step lesson plans to help you make the most of each lesson. They exploit the Student's Book activities to the full, and include suggestions for warmer activities, additional whole-class activities, wrap-up activities, and fast finishers ideas to keep your stronger students engaged. Each lesson plan is interleaved with the relevant Student's Book lesson, as well as cross-referenced to support material (including Activity Book lessons), for easy navigation of the complete course.

GO! aims to help children:

- Clear methodology: Vocabulary and grammar points are recycled continually as children progress, while logical lesson structures ensure that the focus is always clear at a glance
- Video support: All songs, stories and culture lessons are accompanied by fun videos. Grammar animations in levels 3-6 also help fully explain the nuts and bolts of English.
- Learning to Learn: Children are regularly encouraged to reflect on their own learning experience, providing the teacher with a personal impression of each child’s achievements and abilities.
- Digital solutions: Fully interactive IWB materials such as games, posters and videos supported by an easy-to-follow learning path means going digital has never been easier!
- GO Innovate! Teacher’s Guide: A comprehensive guide to incorporating innovate methodologies such as Cooperative Learning structures, Flipped Classroom dynamics, Thinking Routines and Drama techniques in the classroom..

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