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English Firsthand by Longman Pearson - oral communication course for adults and young adults




категория: УМК English Firsthand Longman Pearson
автор (author): Marc Helgesen, John Wiltshier, Steven Brown
издательство (publisher): Longman Pearson
год (year): 2018
язык (language): английский (american english)
формат (format): PDF, Mp3, FLV, MOV
Описание: English Firsthand - Курс «Английский язык из первых рук» от Пирсон Лонгман - один из самых продаваемых в мире курсов устного общения, который поддерживает преподавателей и студентов ELT уже более 25 лет. Подход курса заключается в том, что студенты изучают английский язык, используя английский, и при поддержке они могут общаться на английском с самого начала. Программа English Firsthand предназначена для обеспечения успеха и уверенности учащихся, предлагая множество интерактивных и персонализированных задач, которые помогают каждому учащемуся почувствовать, что английский - его или ее собственный язык - язык, который можно использовать для личного самовыражения.

English Firsthand by Pearson Longman is one of the world's best-selling oral communication courses and has been supporting ELT teachers and students for over 25 years. English Firsthand, now in its fifth edition, is a state-of-the-art comprehensive series for young adults and adults. Each new edition represents an update and expansion in terms of teaching methodology, teacher training, media, and technology. The approach of the course is that students learn English by using English and, with support, they can communicate in English right from the very start. English Firsthand is designed to build learner success and confidence by providing ample interactive and personalized tasks that help each student feel that English is his or her own language – a language to use for personal expression. Expanded vocabulary: Every unit now features a Vocabulary Building page which introduces high-frequency vocabulary items to help students get ready for coursebook activities. English in Action: A serialized story that reinforces the language functions and target expressions of every unit (available for Level 1 and Level 2). Conversation Model: Video clips with strategies for practicing conversations from the unit (available for all levels, previously known as “Drama Coach”). Presentation Model: Short videos with confidence-building tips where students can watch actual presentations which can be used as a model when creating their own presentations (available for all levels). This newly added component consists of practice tests for the main sections of each unit. This is designed to help students think about their own learning so that they can start to see what they’ve achieved in the preceding unit. English Firsthand 5th Edition is mapped with the GSE and gives teachers free access to the GSE Teacher Booklet that shows which descriptors are covered in each unit/page per level and supports teachers to develop a syllabus for their class.

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