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English in Action - American English Course for adults




категория: УМК English in Action
автор (author): Barbara H. Foley, Elizabeth R. Neblett
издательство (publisher): Heinle ELT, National Geographic, Cengage Learning
год (year): 2019
язык (language): английский (American english)
формат (format): PDF, Mp3, Doc, EXE, AVI
Описание: English in Action современный четырехуровневый курс американского английского языка для взрослых, который готовит взрослых к работе и учебе. В третьем издании курса представлены аутентичные и интересные материалы от National Geographic для развития критического мышления и навыков 21 века. "Английский в действии" сохраняет свой популярный грамматический подход и актуальность тем для жизни учащихся, которые готовят учащихся к образованию или карьере.

English in Action English in Action is a four-level, standards-based integrated language learning program that prepares adults for work and academic success. The third edition of English in Action features authentic and high-interest content from National Geographic to promote critical thinking and 21st century skills. English in Action is retaining its best-selling grammar approach and relevance of topics to learners’ lives that prepare learners for education or a career pathway.

The third edition of English in Action - “Academic”, “At work”, and “Civics” categories meet state and national and state standards, including CCRS, E.L. CIVICS, and WIOA requirements. Video featuring National Geographic footage connects adult learners to issues that affect their communities and their world. UPDATED readings help learners to think critically as they learn new vocabulary words and structures presented in the theme of each unit. UPDATED grammar charts are concise and clear to ensure adult learners have an understanding of the basic structures of English as they become confident in their new language. The NEW Online Workbooks offer a variety of interactive learning activities to equip adult learners with the digital skills they need to succeed in the real world. UPDATED teacher materials and the NEW innovative classroom presentation tool give teachers a wealth of teaching ideas to prepare their classroom with the national and state standards.

Key Features:

  • “English in Action" sections practice the lifeskills learners need to interact and solve problems in the real world.
  • "Word Partnerships" provide learners word collocations related to the Dictionary vocabulary to promote fluency.
  • "Word Builder" activities provide additional vocabulary practice and encourage learners to get a deeper understanding of the target words.
  • "At Work" activities build learner persistence through collaboration tasks, enhancing the classroom community and workforce skills.
  • "Active Grammar" sections present clear, contextualized grammar explanations along with a rich variety of practice activities.
  • A "Dictionary" section begins each chapter with a picture dictionary-style presentation of key vocabulary words to illuminate word meaning.
  • "The Big Picture" sections include integrated skills practice around a story or conversation, motivating learners to listen and use new grammar and vocabulary.
  • "Writing Our Stories" sections expand learners' literacy by giving a closer look at real people in real communities and guided, practice activities to help learners write about themselves.

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