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Cambridge Empower - English Course for Adults and Young Adults




категория: УМК Cambridge Empower
автор (author): Adrian Doff, Craig Thaine, Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks, Peter Lewis-Jones
издательство (publisher): Cambridge University Press
год (year): 2015, 2022
язык (language): Британский английский (British english)
формат (format): PDF, MP3, AVI
Описание: Empower – шестиступенчатый курс английского языка для студентов и взрослых от издательства Cambridge. Соответствует уровням A1, Beginner - C1, Advanced по шкале CEFR. Empower построен таким образом, чтобы наряду с изучением грамматики и освоением лексики студенты сразу начинали применять полученные знания на практике – в курсе представлено много разговорной и письменной практики.

Empower сочетает в себе учебный курс с современными электронными компонентами и онлайн кабинетом для повышения эффективности в изучении языка. Линейка отличается актуальностью тематики и высокой степенью вовлеченности в изучение языка, что позволяет студентам достигать поставленные задачи с успехом, а преподавателю проводить интересные и интенсивные занятия.

Empower is a general English course for adult and young adult learners which combines course content from Cambridge University Press with validated assessment from the experts at Cambridge English Language Assessment. Empower's unique mix of engaging classroom materials and reliable assessment, with personalised online practice, enables learners to make consistent and measurable progress.

Key Features:

- A course book with thought-provoking images and texts and engaging video, designed to generate an emotional response; all helping teachers to deliver motivating and memorable lessons.
- Assessment developed and validated by the experts at Cambridge English Language Assessment; rigorously pre-tested to ensure all it is accurate, meaningful and fair.
- Personalised learning paths outside of the classroom give students targeted practice, ensuring they spend their time on what they need most, and keeping them motivated and engaged.
- Teachers are provided with a full digital package in one place: Learning Management System plus web tools and clear step-by-step guidance on how to use these tools in the modern classroom. This ultimately allows teachers to spend more time on preparing and delivering high-quality lessons.
- Manageable learning with a syllabus that teachers can trust, with Corpus-informed content and alignment to the CEFR, so that learners can clearly and measurably see their own progress in each of the four language skills.

The Student's Book contains thought-provoking content which is designed to generate an emotional response and get learners and teachers enjoying the class right from the start. There's also support to make the teaching process a motivating and enjoyable one.

The Workbook with answers and downloadable audio can be used alongside the Student's Book and offers additional consolidation activities

Teacher's Book offers detailed teaching notes for every lesson of the Student's Book. It also includes extra photocopiable activities, keys to exercises and extra teaching notes.

Empower Class Audio CDs provide all the audio content from the Student's Book.

Presentation Plus provides the complete Student's Book content and the Workbook content with built-in annotation tools, embedded audio, and class video in an easy-to-operate format for interactive whiteboards or computers and projectors.

Empower Second Edition combines up-to-date content from expert authors with validated, CEFR-aligned assessment to measure progress. Your adult and young adult learners will develop all four skills through this six-level British English course, further enhanced with online content in our Cambridge One platform. The robust assessment, integrated into the course, means learners are always working towards a measurable goal.

Each unit of Empower Second edition includes:

A 'Getting Started' page, with striking images to arouse curiosity
High-interest reading texts, catering to learners from a variety of cultural backgrounds
Spoken tasks which develop spoken language for social and professional purposes
Written tasks that are fully integrated into listening, reading, and speaking – as in real life – and not practiced in isolation
Course video for Lesson C 'Everyday English'.
Documentary-style videos expose students to English in authentic, real-world contexts, thematically linked to the topics and language of each unit (see example below)
Validated assessment from the experts that measures progress against the CEFR. Learn more about our assessment offering.

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