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категория: книги - бизнес-английский Petroleum Engineering Handbook
автор (author): разные
издательство (publisher): разные
год (year): разные
язык (language): английский (english)
формат (format): PDF
Описание: Предлагаем Вам скачать сборник книг для инженеров нефтегазовой промышленности на английском языке. В него вошли только мировые бестселлеры.
Список книг в архиве:

- Petroleum Engineering Handbook by H. B. Bradley - Society of Petroleum Engineers - is an excellent general introduction to the engineering associated with oil and gas exploration and development, gathering together in one place most of the basic engineering issues, challenges and resolutions.

- Reservoir Simulation by Michael Economides - This third edition continues to provides a comprehensive study of reservoir stimulation from an all-encompassing engineering standpoint but has been completely rewritten to reflect the changing technologies in the industry. It sets forth a rationalization of stimulation using reservoir engineering concepts, and addresses such topics as formation characterization, hydraulic fracturing, matrix acidizing and chemical treatment. Formation damage which refers to a loss in reservoir productivity is also comprehensively examined.
This extensive reference work remains essential reading for petroleum industry professionals involved in the important activities of reservoir evaluation, development and management, who require invaluable skills in the application of the techniques described for the successful exploitation of oil and gas reservoirs.
Contributors to this volume are among the most recognized authorities in their individual technologies.

- Unified Fracture Design: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice by Ronald E. Oligney, Peter Valko, Michael J. Economides - The purpose of writing this book is to establish a unified design methodology for hydraulic fracture treatments, a long established well stimulation activity in the petroleum and related industries. Few activities in the industry hold such potential to improve well performance both profitably and reliably.
The word "unified" has been selected deliberately to denote both the integration of all the highly diverse technological aspects of the process, but also to dispel the popular notion that there is one type of treatment that applies to low-permeability and another to high-permeability reservoirs. It is natural, even for experienced practitioners to think so because traditional targets have been low-permeability reservoirs while the fracturing of high-permeability formations has sprung from the gravel pack, sand control practice.

- Hydrates of natural gases by Y.F. Makogon - Dr. Makogon is a Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science. Before coming to Texas A&M University, he had already played a major role in the elimination of large hydrate plugs in pipelines in Western and Eastern Siberia, the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Czechoslovakia, and the North Sea. He was Director of the Institute of Hydrocarbons and Environment from 1991-1998, and has been the first chairman of International SPE, Moscow Section from 1991-1993.

- Chemical Engineers Handbook by Don Green, Robert Perry - First published in 1934, Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook has equipped generations of engineers and chemists with an expert source of chemical engineering information and data. Now updated to reflect the latest technology and processes of the new millennium, the new Edition of this classic guide provides unsurpassed coverage of every aspect of chemical engineering-from fundamental principles to chemical processes and equipment to new computer applications.

- Drilling Fluid Engineering Manual by Magcobar Division - Oilfield Products Group - Dresser Industries - This book presents how to apply fluid mechanics on drilling fluid related challenges and explains the related physics involved and the different engineering approaches. Mud has many functions, the single most important one is to remove the cuttings a) away from under the bit and b) transport them from the bottom to the surface. Viscosity of drilling fluids is not a constant parameter; it varies with shear rate. Pipe, rock bit and annular friction pressure loss has high importance for several tasks. Stable wellbore includes many sub tasks like chemical stability and filtration control.

- Don's Black Book V 1.2

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