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Oxford Wide Angle American English Course for Adults



maritime english
English for Mariners Frenglish Collection

Категория: УМК Oxford Wide Angle
автор (author): Jennifer Carlson, Nancy Jordan, Miles Craven, Gary Pathare, Kristin Donnalley Sherman, Jaimie Scanlon, Frances Watkins, Kate Adams, Mari Vargo, Jenni Santamaria, Jamey Sadownick, Lana Koyadinovich, Deborah Gordon, Robina Blundell
издательство (publisher): Oxford University Press
год (year): 2019
язык (language): американский английский (American English)
формат (format): PDF, MP3, AVI
курс из шести уровней американского английского, который дает возможность взрослым учащимся присоединиться к любому разговору и сказать правильные вещи в нужное время. «Широкий угол» - это курс, который помогает вашим взрослым ученикам раскрыть и освоить скрытые правила английского языка, поэтому, когда дело доходит до общения в реальном мире, они знают, что сказать и как это сказать. Благодаря урокам и интерактивным видео, которые помогают учащимся правильно реагировать в повседневных ситуациях, ярким фотографиям со всего мира и видеоинтервью с фотографами об истории, стоящей за ними, а также подлинному чтению текстов, Wide Angle предоставляет реальный контент, который подкреплен комплексной программой.

Oxford Wide Angle - A six-level American English course that empowers adult learners to join any conversation, and say the right thing at the right time. Wide Angle is the course that helps your adult learners to uncover and master the hidden rules of English, so when it comes to communicating in the real world, they know what to say and how to say it. With lessons and interactive videos that guide students on how to respond appropriately in everyday situations, vibrant photos from around the world and video interviews with the photographers on the stories behind them, and authentic reading texts from Oxford Reference, Wide Angle provides real content that’s underpinned by a comprehensive syllabus.

‘English for Real’ lessons equip students with the tools to uncover and master the hidden rules of English, by guiding them on how to respond appropriately in everyday situations.
Videos with the Wide Angle characters encourage learners to think about how to adapt language for different situations, activities guide them to understand and identify differences in language and behavior, and interactive video activities help them to put it into practice. Here students go online to record their response to a situation with the Wide Angle characters. They can play-back the conversation, record it again to improve their response, or send it to you for feedback. So when it comes to responding to situations in the real world, your students know what to say and how to say it.

Wide Angle brings topics to life through vibrant photographs from world-renowned photographers. Each unit opens with a photo, thought-provoking questions, and a ‘Real-World Goal’ to inspire students to apply the learning to their own lives. Video interviews with the photographers give students unique insights into the story behind the photo, and provide them with real language models to follow.

Every level includes reading texts or listening material from Oxford Reference – a trusted source of over two million academic texts, to give your students authentic learning materials with real vocabulary. Students using Levels 4, 5 and 6 can explore even more content and look up topics of interest with their access to the Oxford Reference digital platform.
The vocabulary in Wide Angle is based on the Oxford 3000™, a list of the most important words to learn in English. Levels 5 and 6 also feature vocabulary from the Oxford 5000™ – an expanded word list for advanced learners of English. Every word in the Oxford 3000™ and Oxford 5000™ is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), guiding students on the words they should know at each level.
Every unit focuses on developing all four skills, as well as a learner’s grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Skills boxes focus students’ attention and give them practical information to take away and use outside of the classroom, and ‘Grammar in Context’ boxes present the grammar on the page at the right point in a student’s learning. Students go online to review the skills taught in every lesson, to practice their grammar and vocabulary, and to access all the course audio and video material.

Key Features:

- ‘English for Real’ lessons equip learners with the tools to uncover and master the hidden rules of English
- Interactive videos provide students with essential practice on responding to situations that they’ll face in the real world
- Vibrant photos from around the world, and video interviews with the photographers on the stories behind them, bring unit topics to life
- Reading texts and listening material from Oxford Reference – a trusted source that brings together over two million academic entries across Oxford University Press’s Dictionaries, Companions and Encyclopedias – keeps learning in the real world
- Access to the Oxford Reference digital platform. Learners using Levels 4, 5 and 6 Student Books can explore even more academic content and look up topics of interest online
- Extensive Online Practice means students can take control of their learning.

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