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Oxford Tech Talk
Английский язык для технарей

категория: технический английский Tech Talk
автор (author): Vicki Hollett - John Sydes
издательство (publisher): Oxford University Press
год (year): 2005
язык (language): английский (english)
формат (format): PDF, Mp3
Описание: Отличнейший курс, предназначенный для работников технического сектора (техников, технологов, инженеров и т.д.). Множество заданий для развития устной речи, телефонного и письменного, email и технических аспектов языка.Издание, содержащее отрывки из аутентичных книг о науке и технике. Упражнения на понимание, вокабуляр, задания на обсуждение, грамматику, письмо.

В архиве Вы найдете учебник, рабочую тетрадь аудио и книгу для учителя с ответами.

A practical course for adult learners working in the international technical sector. Simple, needs-related language presented clearly and logically, on a need-to-know basis, to help learners start communicating immediately. Tech Talk is for adult learners working in technical jobs in an international context, in-work learners who are technicians, engineers, supervisors, or team leaders. Above all, this course is for people whose main aim is to communicate effectively in English to get the job done.

Vocabulary relevant to technical applications. Short, practical speaking tasks enable learners to use new language in hands-on contexts such as explaining purpose, giving instructions, and describing what things do. Frequent recycling to continually review and consolidate learning. Real help in telephoning, e-mailing, and reading technical information. Survival skills such as getting directions, changing money, and ordering food, plus games and other fun activities.

Tech Talk - Better English Trough Reading in Science and Technology contains authentic materials and excerpts from nonfiction books and from NPR that deal with popular, newsworthy issues in science and technology. With readings, the book contains related exercises in comprehension, vocabulary, discussion, grammar, and writing.

In addition to providing reading practice, this textbook aims to: Teach grammar through examples of real usage. Provide practice in the writing styles commonly used in science and engineering: explanation, persuasion, and critical analysis. Provide opportunities for verbal practice through class discussion. Encourage English learners to read independently and to learn language through reading. The readings in the book were selected to appeal to all readers, but will be especially helpful to English learners who are engineers, scientists, or university students in technical fields. An audio CD featuring many of the readings is also available..

Inside archive: Student's book, Workbook, Audio, Answer Book.

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