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Oxford ACE!
УМК английского языка для школьников

категория: английский для детей ace class book
автор (author): Suzanne Torres, Helen Casey, Katherine Bilsborough, Steve Bilsborough
издательство (publisher): Oxford University Press
год (year): 2016
язык (language): английский (english)
формат (format): PDF, MP3, ISO
Новейший Оксфордским УМК английского языка Эйс это основанный на истории курс для старшеклассников с богатой комплектацией, с игристым взглядом и привлекательной концепцией, гарантирующей успех при подготовки к экзаменам английского языка. Когда вы откроете Ace! Вы найдете свежий современный дизайн и увлекательные истории, богатое культурное влияние и ценности, большое разнообразие навыков, основанных на навыках, множество экзаменационных практических заданий в и потрясающие анимационные видеоролики.

Welcome to ACE!

Oxford's Ace! A well-supported, story-based course for high-level schools, with a sparkling look and an engaging concept that guarantees exam success.

When you open Ace! you will find a fresh modern design and captivating stories, rich cultural impact and values, a great variety of skills-based work, plenty of external exams practice, and awesome animated typography videos.

Key Features:
- This story-based course, with its strong concept, and great variety of artwork and story genres is sure to engage and motivate pupils.
- Ace! offers a fast-paced grammar syllabus, covering the Cambridge English: Key (KET) exam by the end of level 6. There is plenty of fun practice and support, with a huge range of teaching resources.
- Clear navigation throughout helps you teach 'off the page', enabling you to improve your pupils’ level of English with ease.
- The emphasis on culture encourages pupils to learn about many different cultures, as well as giving them the opportunity to reflect on their own lives and values.
- The exciting cross-curricular content ensures that pupils will not only enjoy learning English, but will also broaden their knowledge of other areas of the curriculum.
- Phonics is taught through activities that appeal to all types of learners.

Additional Information:

The DVD will bring excitement to your class, through enchanting animated stories and fascinating cross-curricular clips.
iPack, a unique book-on-screen classroom presentation tool with a wealth of dynamic material, offers an exciting, interactive approach to learning English.
Oxford Online Learning Zone, an exclusive website that contains course-specific and regularly-updated generic resources for use at school or at home, it offers fun and motivating activities, games and so much more!

Ace! External Exams Practice CD-ROM offers extra practice tests for:
• Trinity
• Cambridge English: Young Learners
• Cambridge English: Key for schools (KET)
• Cambridge English: Preliminary for schools (PET)

The Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM contains a wealth of extra resources including a range of worksheets and tests for your class:
• Story worksheets
• Vocabulary and grammar worksheets
• Cross-curricular worksheets
• Festival worksheets
• DVD worksheets
• Tests (ready-made and editable)
• Evaluation and Competences notes and worksheets
• Portfolio material

Внимание! Ознакомьтесь, пожалуйста, с инструкцией и правилами

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Download Oxford ACE! 1 A1-A2

  • ACE! 1 Class Book - ISBN: 9780194007665
  • ACE! 1 Audio CD
  • ACE! 1 Songs CD Pack
  • ACE! 1 Activity Book - ISBN: 9780194006873
  • ACE! 1 Teacher's Book
  • ACE! 1 Teacher's Resource CD-ROM
  • ACE! 1 Teacher's Resource Pack
  • ACE! 1 Test Audio CD
  • ACE! 1 DVD
  • ACE! 1 iPack

Download Oxford ACE! 2

Download Oxford ACE! 3

Download Oxford ACE! 4

  • ACE! 4 Class Book - ISBN: 9780194007887
  • ACE! 4 Audio CD
  • ACE! 4 Songs CD Pack
  • ACE! 4 Activity Book - ISBN: 9780194007924
  • ACE! 4 Teacher's Book
  • ACE! 4 Teacher's Resource CD-ROM
  • ACE! 4 Teacher's Resource Pack
  • ACE! 4 Test Audio CD
  • ACE! 4 DVD
  • ACE! 4 iPack

Download Oxford ACE! 5

Download Oxford ACE! 6

  • ACE! 6 Class Book - ISBN: 9780194007900
  • ACE! 6 Audio CD
  • ACE! 6 Songs CD Pack
  • ACE! 6 Activity Book - ISBN: 9780194007948
  • ACE! 6 Teacher's Book
  • ACE! 6 Teacher's Resource CD-ROM
  • ACE! 6 Teacher's Resource Pack
  • ACE! 6 Test Audio CD
  • ACE! 6 DVD
  • ACE! 6 iPack

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