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Keep it REAL! by Richmond - British English Course for Teenagers




категория: английский язык для детей Keep it REAL Richmond
автор (author): Suzanne Gaynor, Julia Keddle, Claire Thacker
издательство (publisher): Richmond
год (year): 2022
язык (language): английский (british english)
формат (format): PDF, Mp3, Mp4
Описание: Учебно методический комплекс Американского английского языка Keep it REAL! от издательства Ричмонд – это динамичная 6-уровневая серия для детей младшего школьного возраста, которая ставит учащихся на первое место. Язык, темы и контексты полностью охватывают программы Кембриджских и других международных экзаменов по английскому языку, отражая при этом жизнь, интересы и стремления детей. Учебно-методический комплекс предлагает полный спектр цифрового контента для классного или удаленного обучения и дает подробные рекомендации по внедрению смешанных решений в ваших классах.

Keep it REAL! by Richmond really is your best option for a modern secondary course for today’s teenagers. Students focus on developing communicative competence and 21st century skills, with this flexible blend of dynamic video and digital content, and easy-to-use classroom materials. As students develop their grammar, vocabulary and speaking, we help you manage skills development in mixed ability classes, too. The course also focuses on culture, with optional project-based work, literature lessons and common exam task practice.

Student's Book: A Starter Unit reviews previous language, before nine units develop language skills alongside vocabulary and grammar: Vocabulary opens with a real-life vlog; then grammar is presented through a reading text, with explanatory grammar animations; and a listening activity combines further vocabulary and grammar. Keep Talking!, the functional speaking lesson, uses authentic contexts in an innovative, highly-interactive online game. Students read about Real Culture!, watching a related video, then explore specific text types in a final writing lesson. They can extend their learning through project work, literature, and exam practice at the back of their books, where they can also refer to unit Language Summaries.

The Workbook is available in print or digital format, making a flexible blended learning package for learners in and out of the classroom! Both versions give students thorough independent practice of the Student’s Book language and skills material, to work on anywhere you or they like, with three-star graded activities for mixed ability. There is a Progress Check every three units, and a Writing Summary section at the back of the book. Students can download the Workbook audio in MP3 format from the RLP, and access the entire e-Workbook with fully-interactive practice activities and skills work.

Teacher's Guide - You have everything you need with the easy-to-use teaching notes, which are interleaved with full-color Student’s Book pages and include warmers, extra practice, and guidance to help you support and challenge your mixed ability students. There are also answer keys and complete audio and grammar animation scripts, and additional teaching notes and scripts for the vlogs and culture videos, so you can feel confident using them. You’ll also see when and how to use the Workbook and online materials. Access the digital platform for plenty more flexible, blended, or completely digital resources!

Teenagers will:

- immerse themselves in Relevant, Engaging, Achievable Learning!
- watch real-life vloggers, experiencing new vocabulary in authentic contexts
- get to grips with grammar, with accessible animated grammar presentations.
- develop reading skills side-by-side with cultural awareness, through specific reading lessons linked to cultural videos.
- practice functional speaking, based on real-world contexts and a dynamic, online board game, to enhance collaborative teamwork and problem-solving skills.
- build skills for the 21st century, with Think critically, Get creative, Find out and Compare cultures.

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