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Elements of Language Series - English for School Students




категория: произношение Elements of Language
автор (author): Holt, Rinehart, Winston..
издательство (publisher): Holt McDougal, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Holt Rinehart & Winston
год (year): 2001-2011
язык (language): английский (english)
формат (format): PDF
Описание: Элементы языка - одна из самых популярных серий учебных пособий в мире для обучения школьников английскому языку как родному. По ней работают тысячи школ и сотни тысяч преподавателей по всей планете. Помимо основных учеников разработаны многочисленные рабочие тетради, практические материалы и т.п. Данные учебные материалы постоянно переиздаются различными издательствами в разных форматах.

Elements of Language - This challenging book will give the student a great foundation in grammar and writing. The layout of the lesson is not busy. This book's embellishments is a great balance of black and white text, colored text, and graphics. Although it is a middle school text book, it could be used with older students without the pupil feeling as if they are using a "baby's book."
Holt Elements of Language, which is included in the Saxon Homeschool Language Arts Packages for 6th through 12th grades, is the "heir apparent" to Warriner's Grammar and Composition. In fact, John Warriner remains on the author list for these books even though he died in 1987. If you've been around the homeschool community for a few years, you've probably heard or read some reference to Warriner's program. It's the elusive gold standard that other programs are measured by. Elusive because books by that name have been out of print for years and are only available on the used market. "Gold standard" because many think that Warriner's mastery approach of "rule, example, and practice" is the way that grammar should be taught. Part One (Warriner's Handbook) of each Holt course contains sixteen or so chapters that thoroughly cover grammar (parts of speech, parts of a sentence, phrases and clauses), usage (agreement issues, pronouns, verbs, modifiers, and common problems), and mechanics (capitalization, punctuation, and spelling). Part Two covers writing with a focus on sentences and paragraphs. Part Three - Communications - brings it all together with reading and writing workshops that produce all types of writing: narrative, expository, persuasive, problem and literary analysis, and research. The hardcover texts are full-color with pleasing layout features and interesting sidebars. The sheer size (900+ pages) can be a bit intimidating until you realize that as non-consumables, many of the exercises are written in such a way that the student need only write single words, or letters on their own papers. Also, the last 150, or so, pages are a Quick Reference Handbook. Saxon plans to have homeschool lesson plans available for these courses as well.

Elements of Language - Language Skills Practice - The worksheets in the GRAMMAR, USAGE, and MECHANICS workbook provide practice, reinforcement, and extension for Chapters 1–16 of Elements of Language.

Elements of Language - Developmental Language Skills Guided Practice in Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics - This workbook is designed to supplement the Language Skills Practice workbook by providing additional instruction and practice to students who have not yet mastered the rules and topics. The worksheets in this workbook provide additional instruction, practice, and reinforcement for Language Skills Practice.

Key Features:

- Notes provide students with pertinent information related to the rule or topic covered on a given worksheet
- Reminders review grammatical terms and concepts that were covered on previous worksheets
- Tips provide students with tangible aids for understanding abstract concepts. These tips include mnemonic devices, identification tests, and recognition strategies
- Points of Instruction explain how the rule or topic applies to the instructional and exercise examples provided
- Guided Practice helps students with the first one or two items of each exercise by asking questions that guide students to the correct answer.

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