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C21 English for The 21st Century - five-level general English course for young adults and adults





категория: УМК C21 English for The 21st Century
автор (author): Nina O'Driscoll, Fiona Scott-Barrett, Jake Hughes
издательство (publisher): Garnet
год (year): 2017
язык (language): английский (english)
формат (format): PDF, MP3, Mp4
Описание: C21 English for The 21st Century — это новаторский пятиуровневый общий курс английского языка, который объединяет навыки 21-го века и академические навыки, чтобы гарантировать, что у студентов есть навыки, необходимые им для учебы, работы и жизни. Академические навыки готовят студентов к обучению в высших учебных заведениях, а навыки 21 века готовят студентов к работе и жизни в целом. Навыки выровнены таким образом, что они доступны с уровня A1, когда учащиеся знакомятся с базовыми навыками обучения, языком в классе и активным, саморефлексивным, творческим подходом к обучению и взаимодействию в классе. Это гарантирует, что учащиеся будут не просто пассивными получателями языковых инструкций, но и активными коммуникаторами, ответственными за свое собственное развитие. Типы деятельности на каждом уроке ставят учащихся в центр учебного процесса и требуют от них привнести в класс свои собственные идеи, применить свои критические способности к текстам и задачам, которые могут быть выполнены только путем успешной командной работы и сотрудничества.

C21 English for The 21st Century is a groundbreaking five-level general English course that integrates 21st century skills and academic skills to ensure that students have the skills they need for study, work and life. Academic skills prepare students for tertiary level study, while 21st century skills prepare students for the workplace and life in general. Skills are levelled in a way that makes them accessible from A1 level, with students introduced to basic study skills, classroom language, and a proactive, self-reflective, creative approach to learning and class interaction. This ensures that students are not just passive receptors of language instruction, but active communicators responsible for their own development. The activity types within each lesson put the students at the centre of the learning process and require them to bring their own ideas into the classroom, to bring their critical faculties to bear on texts and tasks that can only be completed through successful teamwork and cooperation.

Learners are asked to take a more active role in the learning process. They are given help and guidance in achieving this aim, both through specific notes and activities, and as an approach running through the course. For many activities, giving simple yes/no answers is discouraged and learners are often asked toexplain or support their answers. They are also asked to bring theirown experiences and ideas into the classroom.
Learners are introduced to a wide range of skills that will be useful to them in both their future studies and when they enter the world of work. Learners are encouraged to think about ways in which they can think and act more effectively. They also focus on how to be more creative and are often required to produce creative solutions to problems similar to those that are likely to face themselves in the future. Research plays an important part in this process; learners will be required to do work between classes and not treat the course as simply something they do in the classroom.
At the same time, learners are introduced to the various aspects of collaboration – how to work effectively with other people, respecting their opinions and cultures, whether they be similar or different to their own. Communicating in groups and teams is challenging and learners are given opportunities throughout the course to develop awareness of themselves and the people they work and study with, and to adapt and develop strategies that allow them to work creatively and productively whilst avoiding misunderstanding and conflict.

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