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Предлагаем Вам скачать сборник из 9 книг по менеджменту на английском языке.

Список произведений:

The Routledge Dictionary of Business Management by David A. Statt - TA fully comprehensive resource for those wanting to know about the world of business management. Students and working professionals alike can enjoy quick and accessible definitions and the extensive cross-referencing system allows readers broader access to subject areas. This dictionary covers all the topics, issues and terms in the field, including:Business economics,Consumer behavior,Corporate strategy,Financial management,Human resource management,Information technology, Management accounting, Marketing, Organizational behavior and work psychology.

The Concise Dictionary of Business Management by David A. Statt - With increased coverage in areas like human relations management, business economics, corporate strategy, financial management, information technology, and management accounting and marketing, this second edition of The Concise Dictionary of Business Management has been completely revised and updated to reflect the changing world of work and new technology. It has been expanded to include many new terms and buzzwords such as: contracting out, telecommuting, occupational choice, glass ceiling, superwoman, electronic brainstorming, internet and virtual corporation. It is the ideal quick reference guide for students and professionals wanting to cut through the jargon of business and management.

Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success: A Self-management Approach by Myron H. Dembo - Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success, Second Edition teaches college students how to become more self-directed learners. Study skills are treated as a serious academic course. Students learn about human motivation and learning as they improve their study skills. The text does not offer "recipes" for success or lists of "quick tips." Rather, the focus is on relevant information and features designed to help students to identify the components of academic learning that contribute to high achievement, to master and practice effective learning and study strategies, and then to complete self-management studies whereby they are taught a process for improving their academic behavior.

Global Brand Integrity Management by Richard S. Post, Penelope N. Post - The integrity of products and brands is at the core of successful global business. Yet, chances are your management strategy does not protect the key elements that generate your product and brand revenues, leaving them vulnerable to internal and external attacks.Global Brand Integrity Management delivers a blueprint for developing and maintaining an integrity program that preserves your brand's reputation, ensures product protection, and increases your competitiveness in the global marketplace.

The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management by Alan Rushton, Phil Croucher, Peter Baker - This third edition includes updates in manufacturing logistics, integrated logistics, process design and home delivery and brand new sections on warehouse receipt and dispatch. Also contains an thorough explanation of new technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID), voice technology, satellite crane systems and dynamic pick systems.

Future of Human Resource Management by Michael Losey, Sue Meisinger, Dave Ulrich - Each section has independent chapters, so the prescriptions may differ. But, we can envision future HR textbooks having similar organizing logic. The Parts in this book ref lect where HR management is headed: Theyfocus on outcomes, not actions, and results, not activities.

Career Skills Library: Research and Information Management, Second Edition by Ferguson Publishing Company - The importance of research and knowing how to analyze information is essential in many careers. Research and Information Management, Second Edition (the first edition was titled Information Management) helps students learn how to acquire and manage information of all types. In today’s information age, it is easy to be bewildered by the vast amount of data that is easily available. This book looks at different ways of approaching research and information management. Topics covered include research methods, evaluating information for relevance, creating effective presentations, and managing information with spreadsheet and word processing software.

Spiral Up: and Other Management Secrets Behind Wildly Successful Initiatives by Jane C. Linder - Maybe the reason so many well-intentioned management initiatives fall short is because typical "best practice" methods only help managers avoid failure, rather than produce genuinely spectacular results. Jane Linder proposes a new way of managing. Based on her study of more than 40 wildly successful projects, she has identified five characteristics that fly in the face of conventional practice:
Make Space – Allow the project to grow and develop in unpredictable ways.
Get it Right – Insist on finding the right answers to the toughest questions.
Make a Difference – Reach beyond your grasp to accomplish the impossible.
Energize People – Create an emotional environment filled with challenge.
Spiral Up – Don’t stop with a single achievement; use it as a step to greater success.
From developing a virtual reality simulator for underwater mining equipment to saving an Ohio oil refinery from closure, Spiral Up presents accounts of everyday project champions who have produced breathtaking results . . . and shows readers how to do the same.

International Human Resource Management by Anne-Wil, K. Harzing - "The major strength of this book is its exhaustive and readable review of standard theoretical perspectives which are supplemented with the latest research findings.... Assembling this volume was likely a meticulous and iterative process for both the editors and contributors, but the effort makes this Second Edition a worthwhile read and reference" - Management Revue.
This totally revised edition of the bestselling text provides a comprehensive, international perspective of the consequences of internationalization for the management of people across borders.
The book is truly international, both in its outlook and in its author base. Authors, all experts and active researchers in their respective fields, use examples from all over the world and their chapters supplement classic theories and models with cutting-edge research and developments. All chapters are part of a carefully constructed framework and together provide a coherent picture of the field of International HRM.
This new edition also includes student discussion questions, further reading sections and a glossary. It will continue to be essential reading for students of human resource management, international business and international strategy.

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